Sunday, 12 December 2010

Working mum's

Now i'm not and never have been a working mum.  If you are then all power to you, if it works for you and it's what you want or need to do then thats great.  I am never going to be able to work full time due to the Bi-polar and even if i could get a part time job there are certain situations i have aviod as i would put myself in danger of another relapse.  But even if this wern't the case i wouldn't want to work full time as i want to be with my children and we also want to homeschool, working would mean we would be unable to do this as effectivly as we want to.

Yet everyone seems intent on me getting a job, if not now then in the future.  So far this week i have had 3 people suggest carrears for me including a TA in a deaf school and Baker in a Supermarket chain.    I have even been asked why i am doing a course in BSL if i don't want a career out of it.  Why can't people get their heads around that i am unable work now, and at this point in time i don't want to have to work in the future unless we need the money.  I am doing the course for me, because it is something i am interested in and enjoy doing and enjoy sharing with my children.

There is so much pressure on women these days to look after our children perfectly, have a wonderful clean and tidy house, make plently of homecooked meals from scratch and have a wonderful career.  Why does this need to be the case?  Fair enough to work if we need the money, or if it is what you want to do, but we shouldn't feel under pressure to comply to others ideals of what we should be.  We need to slow down take a step back and decide what is important to us and do that, instead of filling our lives with needless stuff and unecissary problems.

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