Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Not posted in agggeeeessss

We have been really busy what with Christmas and all, but i guess thats kind of been going around a bit.  I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Ours was good, i got my Camera, the best slippers ever, Choccies, James Blunt's new album, Theory of a Deadman album, Inception, Beauty and the Beast and Eclipse to name but a few.  The kids were throughly spoilt and one end of our living room looks like a toy factory.  To be honest i'm not sure how much i like it, some of it will probably end up barely played with and i know they can't possibly appriciate the shear volume of stuff they recieved.  Next year i think i will make a strict list and ask everyone to pick one thing off it, if they want to spend more then put the additional money in their bank account.

The day itself was good, we went to my mum's for dinner and although it was nice to spend the day with the extended family it was so hard work and so stressful getting them up, opening presents, getting everyone dressed and there for a set time.  The morning ended up feeling a bit like a conveyer belt and next year i'm thinking we might stay at home and hopefully have a bit more of a relaxed day.

I have been very busy since Christmas taking hundreds of pictures on my camera and am really excited of starting my 365 project next year.  Also have a number of possibilities on the horizon of directions in which to take my life, but undicided on what to do.  Hoping for my depression to lift soon so that i can start throughly enjoying my life and my kids again.

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