Monday, 13 December 2010

Nothing to wear

Those of you who know me at all, will know i hate clothes shopping and what i hate even more is clothes shopping with my mum.  I hate clothes shopping because not many places do the sort of clothes i actually like, i'm not one of those people who knows what co-ordinates well with what, i don't enjoy clothes enough to make the stress of searching for that perfect outfit worthwhile and i hate crouds, It gives me panic attacks to be in a crouded shop with hundreds of other people.  I particularly don't like shopping with my mum as she would like me to be girly and wear all these pretty clothes ect and that really isn't me and i always feel like i am letting her down and she would prefer it if i was someone differant.

Anyway i had to brave clothes shopping with my mum as i'm out for a christmas night out with my friends on Wednesday and didn't really have anything to wear.  Three hours later and hundreds of combinations later i came away with a big fat NOTHING.  I guess i am just going to have to try and create an outfit out of something i already have.  Which i can see now will result in lots of stress before the night out and quite possibly a few tears. (whether mine or the hubbys will remain to be seen!)  I really think i just lack some of the female genes.

But my mum and i did go out for a nice meal afterwards and had a nice chat and shared some memories.  We also managed not to argue once, the whole evening.  Which is quite possibly some sort of record for us i think.

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