Monday, 6 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

We don't have any snow (possibly the only place oin the UK that doesn't) but we have the thickest frost i have ever seen.

On a down side the Munch has a bad chest infection and now has antibiotics for it.  Poor baby girls keeps coughing herself sick and has been up most of the last 2 nights with it so were all shattered.  Unfortunatly she's not a still and quiet ill girl she's a jump around and be as naughty as possible ill girl.  Today a few examples of what she has got up to between 2pm and 6pm -

- Pulled Pudding round by her arms
- Repetedly pushed Pudding over
- Scatched Pudding's face to draw blood
-Threw large hard toys at both Pudding and the dog
- Pulled all the DVD's off the shelves and out the cases
- Repetedly tipped the contents of her toybox all over the floor
- Tried to smash ornaments by dropping her cup and other object behind the firegaurd
- Stuffed tissues in Pudding's mouth
- Climbed up th bookcase
- Climbed onto the kitchen worktops

I need about 10 pairs of extendable arms and 20 pairs of eyes to look after them both at times.  Is it any wonder i am so tired all the time?  I love them so much but they drive me potty at times.  Hopefully once she is over the worst of this infection and actually sleeping again my patience will improve and we won't spend all day traipsing back and forth to the naughty step. 

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