Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas night out

I had the much anticipated Christmas night out last night.  Thankfully the wardrobe crisis wasn't as bad as i had initially feared, but getting to the point of actually getting ready was more stressful than first imagined.  Munch came home from Playschool Christmas party with conjunctivitis and i had to get in touch with the Dr's then wait for a call back to see if they wanted to see her, which they didn't but i had to whizz up there to get a prescription for her, which meant i wasn't getting in the shower until 5pm and was supposed to be doing the first pick-up at 5:30pm.  Luckily everyone was running behind too and they were all very understanding (not that they had much choice seen as i was driving.)  I got ready and managed to find everyone's houses ok and had us all at the venue for 7pm.  Which wasn't to bad considering.

It was a really good night, the food wasn't fantastic but the master of ceremonies was brilliant.  My only complaint was that the music was too loud while we were eating as it was difficult to hold a conversation.  The downside to the night for me was that non of my friends wanted to get up and dance really.  One danced for around 15mins then about 45 mins later on and another danced for about 15 mins towards the end so i spent a good portion of the night dancing by myself.  I tried to dance near other groups so i didn't look too much like a loon, not entirely sure i succeeded though.  It snowed at midnight on the dance floor and one guy who had taken a bit of a liking to me kept throwing the snow (polystyrene balls) over my head and seemed to be seeing how many he could get down the front of my top.

I didn't get home until 1:40am and my feet are still hurting me now from all that dancing in heels!

I apologise for the bad quality my camera on my phone isn't great.  I also don't feature in any as i was doing the snapping, the others did take some so hopefully i will get some of me soon.

I also had my first BSL exam tonight which was nerve wracking.  I'm terrible in situations like that, i get myself so worked up over it.  In the end it wasn't to bad.  I did manage to spell the tutors name wrong and have to do it again, and confused her with my direction giving.  But other than that it was ok, i was mostly finding i wanted to say stuff but didn't know the signs to say it which was frustrating but never mind, hopefully we will learn them after Christmas.  Fingers crossed that i passed.

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