Thursday, 13 January 2011

Computer troubles

Been having some computer troubles recently.  As in mine up and died on me.  Normal service will resume shortly hopefully.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I've not been sleeping so great for the past week or so, you know how it is.  Your exhausted but when you actually get into bed you can't drop off and end up staring at the ceiling for hours thinking of better things you could be doing with your time.

Last night this was made worse by quite possibly the worst nightmare i have ever had.  When i awoke from it i sobbed for a good hour, and anytime i have thought about it today it has set me off crying again.  I warn anyone who is sensitive to use their judgement as to whether they wish to read the content of the dream.  I know if it were someone elses i wouldn't want to read about it.

I dreamt that Munch had been naughty doing some trival toddler thing and had to be punished by the people without trial.  She was behind a barrier and i wasn't aloud to get to her.  They were planning on using like a dunking chair on her (so she would be sat about 8 foot in the air on a chair and when a lever was pushed it would tip, dropping her into a very deep vat of icy water)  if she survived that it would be proof of her crime and she would then be beheaded.  I could see all the equipment laid out in like an assembly line in the room behind the barrier, but she was being held in like an ante room at that point.  I remember rushing to the cafe in the next room and argueing with the staff to let me use their phone, when they finally agreed i called a lawyer who was telling me that she shouldn't be punished witout a fair trial.  At this point i was screaming at my hubby to go and tell them to not go through with it as the lawyer was demanding a trial.  I was still on the phone when he came back and i asked where Munch was now.  He replied that she was about to be dunked, i started screaming at him telling him he was supposed to be stopping them, but he said that they wouldn't behead her but he didn't see anything wrong with dunking.  Hubbys mum who had appeared next to me was saying she'll be fine she can swim can't she? I started screaming and trying to get to the room while people were trying to restrain me while yelling 'STOP, she has to have a trial, she can't swim she will drown.' All the while terrified that she would either drown or they would go ahead and behead her anyway.

It's still upsetting me now, i'm just hoping it will fade with time.  As it is i'm scared of going to sleep tonight incase i have another one.  Normally i'm not one for nightmares but i just want a completely dreamless sleep tonight.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Got a friend coming over tonight

I've not really seen her for a while and the last time i did i had a killer migraine so not much fun was had.  It will be good as she is coming here with her new partner and it will be nice to see her and get to know him before the big day later this month.

I'm trying to get as much quatlity time in as possible as she is moving back to the US after they are married and i haven't seen her much since we moved away from the Isle of Man almost 3 years ago.

Also today we went for a nice walk around Fairhaven Lake.  It was getting dark and cold by the time we were ready to come home but it was nice to get out the house for a bit and into the fresh air.  I would post pictures but for some reason it won't let me.

I know i have been making very short posts recently, by the time i get chance to sit down in the evening i'm so knackered i can't think straight to write anything of any lenght coherantly.  Your all in for a treat though as i have a big post brewing about people not respecting me, my opinions and the way i wish to raise my kids.  Bet you can't wait.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Almost had an orgasm at the petrol station

when i pulled in behind this beauty.

Good job hubby was with me to pump the fuel as i was way to busy drooling.

Conversations with toddlers

Midnight the other night as i was nipping to the loo Munch sat bolt upright in bed and we ended up having this conversation.

Munch - Mummy whats that noise?
Mummy - It's the boiler.
Munch - Whats the boiler mummy?
Mummy - It lives in that cupboard and it makes our water hot for washing our hands, having baths, doing dishes, and making the raidiators hot to keep us warm.
Munch - Hows it work mummy?

at which point i was like WTF :ermm: really wasn't expecting to try and explain electronics and plubing to my toddler especilly in the middle of the night. But i gave it my best shot..

Mummy - Well the cold water comes into the boiler by a pipe and a little flame makes it nice and hot and then it goes out by another pipe.

as i am saying this i am realiseing this doesn't make much sence, how can that little piolet light flame heat ALL out hot water. Unfortunatly Munch seems to have picked up on this too...

Munch - Never mind mummy, i ask Grandad. Grandad knows.
well she asked Grandad last night, and he said it's like a big kettle. To which Munch responded, no grandad kettle in there! (points to kitchen) How BOILER work (points upstairs). My dad explained to her (and me) the best he could.  I understand a bit better not sure how much of it she actually took in but she seemed happy enough and didn't ask anymore questions.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone and i hope 2011 brings you much joy and happiness.