Saturday, 1 January 2011

Conversations with toddlers

Midnight the other night as i was nipping to the loo Munch sat bolt upright in bed and we ended up having this conversation.

Munch - Mummy whats that noise?
Mummy - It's the boiler.
Munch - Whats the boiler mummy?
Mummy - It lives in that cupboard and it makes our water hot for washing our hands, having baths, doing dishes, and making the raidiators hot to keep us warm.
Munch - Hows it work mummy?

at which point i was like WTF :ermm: really wasn't expecting to try and explain electronics and plubing to my toddler especilly in the middle of the night. But i gave it my best shot..

Mummy - Well the cold water comes into the boiler by a pipe and a little flame makes it nice and hot and then it goes out by another pipe.

as i am saying this i am realiseing this doesn't make much sence, how can that little piolet light flame heat ALL out hot water. Unfortunatly Munch seems to have picked up on this too...

Munch - Never mind mummy, i ask Grandad. Grandad knows.
well she asked Grandad last night, and he said it's like a big kettle. To which Munch responded, no grandad kettle in there! (points to kitchen) How BOILER work (points upstairs). My dad explained to her (and me) the best he could.  I understand a bit better not sure how much of it she actually took in but she seemed happy enough and didn't ask anymore questions.

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