Sunday, 2 January 2011

Got a friend coming over tonight

I've not really seen her for a while and the last time i did i had a killer migraine so not much fun was had.  It will be good as she is coming here with her new partner and it will be nice to see her and get to know him before the big day later this month.

I'm trying to get as much quatlity time in as possible as she is moving back to the US after they are married and i haven't seen her much since we moved away from the Isle of Man almost 3 years ago.

Also today we went for a nice walk around Fairhaven Lake.  It was getting dark and cold by the time we were ready to come home but it was nice to get out the house for a bit and into the fresh air.  I would post pictures but for some reason it won't let me.

I know i have been making very short posts recently, by the time i get chance to sit down in the evening i'm so knackered i can't think straight to write anything of any lenght coherantly.  Your all in for a treat though as i have a big post brewing about people not respecting me, my opinions and the way i wish to raise my kids.  Bet you can't wait.

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