Thursday, 9 December 2010

A poo fright and a compliment

I have been feeling depressed for the last few weeks or so and today the general crappiness of me was compounded by the fact i apeear to be getting Munch and Pudding's cold.  It has been one of those days where everything feels like a struggle from the minute i got up.  I even crashed out for 10 mins this afternoon while Pudding had her nap, Munch was playing nicely and then said she needed a poo i meant to take her but i was just so exhusted i fell asleep.  I awoke with a fright about 10 mins later when she was looking right in my face and saying 'mummy, what's this?'  For one awful second i thought she had done a poo and was thrusting it in my face.  Fortunatly it was just a bit of fluff!

Dragged myself out for signing tonight as it's our last class and chance to practice before the exam next week.  Finally got my turn at my conversation with the teacher and although we went off at a tangent asking me something i was n't expecting and that i didn't know the sign for, i winged it and at the end of the talk she said i had been the best out of the class.

I was so chuffed with myself until my paranoid brain kicked in telling me that she was probably just saying it to bolster my confidence and make me feel better, or that she said it to everyone, or that after other people had a second go with her was i still the best?  Why am i so incapable of just accepting a complement?  Why do i have to second guess everything and put a negative spin on it when it is directed at me or something i have done?

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  1. Aww, don't think about it, she probably meant what she said. I do second guess at times myself so I understand. I hope the test goes well:) Jen