Wednesday, 8 December 2010

How can you lose a child twice in one day I hear you ask?

First instance, i leave Munch watching Something Special on TV while i quickly nip upstairs to put the pudding down for her nap.  When i come back down she is nowhere to be found, i searched the entire house checking all the doors, behind and under all the furniture for a good 5 mins to no avail.  Getting frantic i also searched the garden knowing she does sometimes go out of the dog flap but i hadn't heard it swing this time.  Hunted all around the garden shouting but still couldn't find her, came back inside researched all of downstairs when i happened to look out the window and the dog is stood dutifully at the bottom of the garden staring at the hedge not moving.  I go out part the hedge and there is Munch stood squashed between the fence and the hedge grinning at me.  I didn't even know it was possible to fit down there.  But bless her she had put her snow boots on first and she came in saying "Mummy i been playing in the forest in the garden."

Second instance, Go to order the kids tea at the Hippodome this evening i get back to my seat and Munch has dissapeared again.  Do a repeat performance of running around and shouting like a loon when a dad asks if i have checked the toilets as he thought he heard someone in the ladies when he took is son in.  The toilet doors are really hevey so had never thought to check there.  I was so proud of her really, she had needed a wee so taken herself to the toilet, looked for the ladies sign on the door so she got the right one done everything she needed to and when i got there she was just washing her hands.  I was so proud of her, just wished she had told me first.

Other than having the fright of my life we had a good time this afternoon.  I took loads of pictures but the majority of them were just blurs.  Here is what i was left with


  1. Every mother's nightmare I'm sure. On the one hand you're so proud they are grown up and independant on the other all the dreadful things that run through your mind in those precious minutes until they are found!
    An exhausting post that I can see myself doing a lot over the coming months x2

  2. Good luck with the two of them, It's hard work with just the one. But although twice the work i'm sure they're twice the fun. x