Thursday, 25 November 2010

Thursday Madness

Thursdays are always a bit of a funny day in our house.  We have a realtivly laid back time until lunch time when everything all kicks off and doesn't stop (for me at least) until gone 10pm.  This morning was as usual very relaxed we had breakfast got dressed watched a little Charlie and Lola did some playing. 

When suddenly i look at the clock and realise it's 11:55am, quickly run about like an idiot getting pudding up from her nap and getting both girls ready to go out, bundle them into the car to the children's centre for Breastfeeding Support group.  Todays talk was absolutly fanscinating and on the subject of milk donation.  Unfortunatly it's too late for me to pursue this time around but if (hopefully when) i have another baby it is definatly something i would like to do.  I didn't realise just what a big differance it can make, nor just how expensive it is.  We were told per litre it is worth over £100.00!!!  For those of you unfamiliar with the concept the principle is breastfeeding mum's in addition to feeding their own babies express milk into supplied containers which they store in the freezer.  A representative will call and collect the frozen milk whereby they take it to their facitlities for storage and do some sciency stuff to it (pudding was attempting to pull the christmas tree over at this point so i was a little distracted) then it is shipped out to mostly neo-natal units to feed premature babies.  This is a very short synopsis but you can find more information here.

During the talk members of staff from the children's centre had taken some of the older children outside to play. My local one is attached to a school for children with special needs and so they get to play out with the school children.  Anyway all the other children troop back in at the end of the group with one noteable exception, the staff are searching the room and the playground for Munch, who appears to have dissapeared off the face of the earth.  Finally 10 minutes later she is found in the classroom with the other children, apparently when they were called in after their break she followed them in hung up her coat with theirs and got on with the work alongside them.  It was just so typical of her that i couldn't help but laugh.

After retrieving the Munch we all trouped round the corner to the baby clinic, halfway there i was wishing i had thought to retrieve the buggy from the boot of the car.  Got the Pudding weighed she is now 18lb 2oz which explains my aching arms.  Whizzed back home for lunch, put the wee one down for a nap, played stickle bricks and  coloring with Munch, then miracles of miracles while i nipped to the loo she feel asleep!  That is practically unheard of, but i took the opprtunity to get some much needed rest myself as she had had me up at 4am wanting to come downstairs to see if Santa had been yet, she was not impressed when i explained that she still had a month to wait before Santa would be bringing her presents.

After our naps we had a quick tea and a swift changeover as i walked out to go to my BSL class as Hubby came home from Uni.  BSL tonight was a hoot as the lady who normally assists took the first part of the class and she showed us some pure deaf signs (which means they have no words to describe what your signing.) It involved ALOT of funny face pulling and the whole class was in hysterics.  I love this course, i've never been much good with languages but this just seems to click with me, maybe because it's all visual i don't know.

So now as it's very late and i'm struggling to put a coherant sentance together i'm off to my bed to prepare for the ordeal in the morning that is the tescos shop! du du DUUUUUNNNNNN! 

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