Monday, 29 November 2010

Crafty afternoon

Today we forewent going out to our usual 'groups' what with the frost, Munch is under the weather and i am was feeling very CBA.  We had a lazy morning reading, singing songs and watching some T.V.  Just bofore lunch time it started to snow and Munch got very excited and rushed to the window saying Santa must be coming soon, only to be disappointed when it stopped a couple of minutes later.

This afternoon we had a bit of a crafty/messyplay session, where we had a go at making homemade christmas wrapping paper.  Our first attepmt was to have munch stand in the paint and walk up and down the paper.  It didn't turn out quite as i'd hoped, but she had great fun making it.  Secondly i cut stamps out of potatoes
(we have from L-R a christmas tree, star, angel, and the word Ho)

then used these to stamp on the paper.  It took a few attempt to get the height of the stamps right but it is my first time. 

The Munch putting the stamps to good use

and the finished product hanging on the line to dry

Just before we finished i left Munch alone to answer the phone and in that couple of seconds she also managed to paint my cooker and 2 doors!  Once finshed we went upstairs for a much needed bath and straight into pjamas.  Back down into the warmth of the living room to snuggle up with mummy and watch 'The Snowman.'

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