Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Running errands

is what i have mostly been doing today.  Dropped the Munch off at playschool before heading to St Annes to pay the remainder off the Christmas Party for our group from Breastfeeding Support group.  Pretty hairy as it's the first time i have ever driven on ice, got even dicier when i went round a corner and the car skidding and hit the kerb!  Thankfully both the Pudding and i were ok and the car only got a bent wheel which has now been bent back into shape.  Went to Tescos and got the ingrediants for Christmas Pudding Mark 2 hopefully this one will turn out better than the last.  Picked Munch up from playschool, had lunch, did some domestic drugery, took the car to have new front tires fitted (garage fixed the wheel for free so very happy), was planning on going to the Sensory Session afterwards but was a bit late so called in to see my mum at work.  Lots of opportunity for nana to show her grandkids off.  Then decided as it was so cold to go and pick Hubby up from Uni save him freezing appendages off at the bus stop (i do want more children.)  Came via KFC and now going to have a shower, wash hair, relax and go to bed as i'm knackered.

Only down side to today is Munch fell over her own feet not watching what she was doing and fell face first into the corner of the bin.  She has a graze it's swollen and has a nasty looking bruise on her cheekbone right near her eye.  Worried people will think i've clocked her one.

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